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Meet the Team

Daniela Rivera, MBA

Vice President, Program Development

Doctoral candidate (DBA) and esteemed Senior Leader, whose career has flourished in the realm of human services and employment programs, spanning nearly 15 years. With a passion that knows no bounds, Daniela takes immense pride in leading the charge towards the development of groundbreaking and scalable initiatives for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. These transformative programs are carefully crafted to foster economic inclusion, championing the cause of individuals with diverse abilities.

Daniela draws upon her lived experience as a latened Hard of Hearing Latina woman, to imbue her work with a profound sense of depth and understanding. This authentic foundation serves as the bedrock for her compassionate and genuine approach in every endeavor she undertakes.

Furthermore, Daniela’s roots in the Latino community serve as an invaluable wellspring of insight, endowing her with a diverse spectrum of perspectives. Which empowers her to deftly tackle challenges and create an environment where “DEAFinite Solutions” seamlessly weave into the very fabric of progress

Lauren Weishaar

Director, Community Impact

Meet our exceptional Community Impact Leader, whose life journey as a Deaf woman has been adorned with unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements. With a prestigious Bachelor of Arts from New Jersey City University and armed with a decade of invaluable experience in employment services, she has been a formidable driving force in uplifting and empowering the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafblind, and blind populations.

Her unwavering passion for fostering growth, strategic planning, and business innovations takes center stage as she sets her sights on elevating programs to unprecedented heights. A bona fide expert in her field, she holds a special focus on empowering deaf and hard of hearing individuals, paving the way for their pursuit of meaningful employment, all while exhibiting extraordinary managerial prowess.

Drawing from her own personal journey as a Deaf individual, she brings to her role an unparalleled depth of understanding that resonates not only within the workplace but also within the broader context of life beyond. With her at the helm, the future gleams with promise, as she leads with boundless empathy and unparalleled expertise, leaving an indelible impact on the community she serves.

Lisa Murtha

Business Development & Training Specialist

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and ASL/English interpreting from Montclair State University, our exceptional Business Development and Training Specialist boasts a wealth of knowledge. With valuable work experience as an Employment Specialist and Advocate, she has been a steadfast pillar of support for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deafblind, Blind, and Visually Impaired individuals.

Now, her mission takes on a grander scale, as she endeavors to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces through education and exposure. Her vision encompasses not just enriching job opportunities but also fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance. Through her expertise in business development and her skill in nurturing partnerships with community businesses, she is determined to lead the charge towards a future where workplaces are truly accessible to all.