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DEAFinite Business Solutions

DEAFinite Business Solutions helps your business to create a deaf-friendly, and inclusive workplace environment for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deafblind employees and customers. Our team of experts will work with your team to provide the necessary training and tools to enable a successful workplace.

The 2022 U.S. Census (2022) estimates 11.5 million Americans have varying degrees of hearing. Of those deaf Americans, 54.6% are employed. Sadly, this is 18% lower than the average employment rate for hearing people. (Source: National Deaf Center, 2021)

This population is clearly underserved by most businesses. Our goal is to change that starting with one person at a time!

Deaf people seek out places to work where their specific needs are understood. When they find a job best matched to them, they are likely to remain loyal and hard-working employees… which isn’t always easy to find.

How does it work?

If your business or organization requires assistance to be more inclusive of the deaf community, contact our team of experts so we can take the steps needed to get to know your organization and opportunities.

After our workplace assessment, we then identify the key priorities when it comes to serving deaf employees and customers. Our experts then use these insights to assist you in the following areas:

  • Education – Providing your staff information about communicating with and understanding deaf colleagues;
  • Training – Ensuring that you as an employer provide an inclusive environment;
  • Accessibility – Providing personalized level of service and accommodations to better serve deaf employees AND customers, and,
  • Recruitment – Helping you find the right employees

Every organization and its needs are different. To identify how we can help you, the first step is to email us at

Educating Your Staff

The biggest challenge that Deaf people face is access to communication.

Imagine joining a new company and missing out on all of the important details regarding responsibilities and safety requirements. What if an exceptional new worker makes little errors only because they could not understand? This is just ONE example of the experiences that the deaf and hard-of-hearing face every day.

Deaf Awareness Training is the perfect solution to give your teams confidence in communicating with deaf colleagues and customers. This also gives the message that you are truly committed to creating an inclusive environment.

After training, your staff will be able to:

Confidently approach a deaf person; understand the different types of deafness; communicate with a wide range of deaf people, and work with ASL interpreters and job coaches.

The Benefits

Support a creative, inclusive workspace

Deliver an accessible deaf customer experience

Provide your team with new skills

Delivered by a deaf trainer

Improve team cohesion

Ensure access to resources post training

Training for Management

Deaf people make decisions about where they work based on an entirely different set of criteria from those of hearing people. Their priority is to find businesses that understand their special needs. Once they have found an employer willing to provide necessary adjustments that align to the supports needed, they are most likely to remain long-term, as finding another similar position elsewhere is often expected to be challenging.

We work with you to discover the key drivers of a deaf employee, then apply this knowledge to your recruitment and retention process. Having deaf people on your team improves the understanding of your deaf customers and improves your corporate image with internal and external stakeholders.

What we can do

Support Human Resources

Create a diverse workplace

Supply risk assessment

The Benefits

Increase staff retention

Enhance productivity levels / performance

Add new ideas / perspectives to your business strategy

Heighten awareness in the workforce and promote better deaf customer experience


Understanding what your deaf employees and customers experience will allow you to implement the right steps to be inclusive. These steps will enable deaf employees to feel understood and to receive a personalized level of service and accommodations.

We work with your team collaboratively to assess how you currently serve the population across your business. We also assess your deaf employees needs on the job.

  • Improve Employee/Customer Loyalty
  • Better serve current deaf employees and customers

Benefits for Employees and Customers

Increased sales

Improved customer experience and loyalty

Better serve current deaf customers

Creation of enterprise-wide focus on inclusion

Creation of positive press/social media/branding oppertunities


We have a team of skilled job coaches who assist candidates looking for work in the community. We can collaborate with you on open positions you may have, and upon understanding the job requirements, we can recommend candidates with the work skills that match what you are seeking.

Once a match is made, our team will work with your business to successfully onboard new employees, implement accommodations, and provide on-the-job support and job retention.

Who We Work With

If you are a new customer, please fill out our request form below or email us at